What can a Content Delivery Network do for you?

If you own or operate a website or produce any kind of media then you should look closely at utilising a content delivery network.

CDNs can dynamically distribute media to strategically placed redundant core, fallback and edge servers. CDNs can have auto server availability sensing with instant user redirection. A CDN can offer 100% availability, even with large power, network or hardware outages.

CDN technology gives more control of asset delivery and network load. They can optimize capacity per customer, provide views of all real-time load and statistics, reveal which assets are popular, show active regions and report exact viewing details to customers. These usage details are a very important feature that a CDN provider must provide, since the usage logs are no longer available at the content source server after it has been plugged into the CDN, because the connections of end-users are now served by the CDN edges instead of the content source.

Every file that you place on the CDN will be sent to the end-user quicker, delivering a better experience. At the same time, a CDN will ease the burden on your web server by pushing files directly to your users.

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Where to find a reliable Content Delivery Network…

We recommend big CDN as the best CDN out there with the best selection of products and excellent pricing.

From global content delivery, website acceleration and Live Webcasting, their staff provide solutions to their customers that are second to none.

Their commitment to support is paramount, customers always comment how good their support is, you can always expect a quick response to your emails and if a support issue needs to be dealt with over the phone, there is always someone who can help.

They have spent several years fine tuning their state of the art software. This includes their advanced stats and reporting system, always tailoring it to their customers requirements.

You can always login to their portal and easily find out who has watched what from where and for how long. Often customers will have bespoke requirements that they find hard to deal with, that’s where their technical team excels.

With offices in Manhattan, New York and Shoreditch, London, their teams are ideally placed to provide world class CDN services to their customer base globally.

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